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Successful Diagnostic and Therapeutic Intervention via a Double Balloon Platform following Three Prior Incomplete Colonoscopies

In April 2023, a 76-Year-old male was referred from a local VA Medical Center for surveillance and therapeutic colonoscopy. A previous colonoscopy in 2018 was incomplete due to looping but was found to have several polyps which were resected and tattooed at that time. The DiLumen’s role in facilitating this challenging colonoscopy, which included an EMR and two ESDs of large and complex polyps, cannot be overstated. Its stability and repositioning capabilities helped achieve an en bloc R0  resection in a single session while preventing perforation.

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Molham Abdulsamad, FACP

Molham Abdulsamad, FACP

Interventional Gastroenterologist
Medical Director, Endoscopy Center of Geisinger Lewistown Hospital
Department of Gastroenterology, Geisinger Health System, Danville, PA