Complex Colon Polypectomy in the Community Setting

Originally Broadcast: July 12th, 7:30 PM EDT

Approaches for colon polypectomy intervention significantly vary from hospital, patient, lesion morphology, and the availability of tools to assist advanced endoscopists. As a GI professional working in the community setting, Dr. Patrick Saitta (Ascension St. Thomas Hospital Midtown, Nashville) will discuss some of his experience and strategies with complex colon polypectomies.

Topics covered:

  • Successful therapeutic endoscopy in a community setting
  • Interventional technology for complex polypectomy (demonstrated with case videos)

Case videos and real-world examples will complement instruction and recommendation around the topics listed.
Recommendations and answers to your questions will be answered in a Q&A session immediately following Dr. Saitta’s presentation.

Who should attend?

  • Clinical GI professionals, including Advanced Endoscopists and Fellows
  • Industry partners interested in new, complementary technologies and therapeutic applications


April 13, 2022

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